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Album of the Week

Thanks to my wonderful cousin, Lis (of, I have a picture frame that snugly fits and LP and, even better, levers open to allow regular changing of said album art. Thus I have determined to institute a markontour album of the week – displayed in my living room and blogged up here.

Pleased with my best decision of an otherwise mediocre day I then, of course, spent three hours deliberating on what should be my inaugural ‘album of the week’. First up was the album I have been listening to constantly recently, Ghost on Ghost by Iron and Wine. But strictly speaking that was my album of last week and I really think it should be something I have purchased in the last seven days.

I did manage a sneaky lunchtime trip to Rough Trade on Friday, so I had options. But then I got diverted into old Velvet Underground albums by Guy Garvey playing a cracking live version of ‘Sweet Jane’ on Radio 6.

As Lou Reed faded out focus returned and I decided it does have to be something new to both my collection and the music buying public in general. Thus, the first markontour album of the week is ‘Club Meds‘ by Dan Mangan & Blacksmith.

I first discovered Dan Mangan when he jumped off the John Peel stage at Glastonbury to wake up a sleepy Sunday morning crowd and wandered happily around providing pretty much everyone with a serenade. He seemed a pretty chirpy chap then, but Club Meds is undeniably dark, musing on methods of sedation and concluding that “we’re all just particles”.

Whatever Mr Mangan’s state of mind, he’s found a great sound and we all need a bit of melancholy now and again. Moreover, Club Med provides a lovely black and white cover depcting an island retreat and looks great in my album of the week frame! So thanks Mr Mangan and I hope you have pressed enough copies of Club Meds to withstand the buying stampede that will no doubt ensue from a markontour recommendation.


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