Having bought a house in (De)Preston quite a few years before Courtney Barnett decided to pen this song (and a beautiful song it is) and, having had all of the anxieties about falling off the edge of the earth when it came to the lack of culture and coffee that moving north of Bell Street would surely bring, I find it quite ironic that Courtney should be singing about these issues now. While I have since moved on from Preston I return most Saturdays to shop at the market and let me say that these days you don’t have to look too hard to find a reasonable coffee.

As you know, Melbourne is a rapidly growing city, and with that come many examples of short sighted, inappropriate development. City of Cool’s Vacant Brain is a critique of the shallow thinking of too many developers, told from the perspective of someone talking to a killer who may have chosen the wrong place to bury a body: soundcloud.com/cityofcool/vacant-brain and http://www.cityofcool.org/lyrics