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I’m a peach and you’re a plum – Album of the Week

I have become somewhat addicted in recent weeks to Widowspeak’s new album, ‘Plum’. The gateway drug was the Brooklyn duo’s dreamy, hypnotic cover of Dire Straits’ ‘Romeo and Juliet’ from a recent EP, ‘Honeychurch’. But now I am hooked on their own compositions, particularly the album’s title track.

Maybe it’s ‘Plum’s’ promise that “No-one’s old and no-one’s young”, although the lyric that has become an ear-worm is the nonsensical “I’m a peach and you’re a plum”. Sitting near the cairn of Cefn Moel in the early morning as I write this, that line and the accompanying hook is going round in my head, mingling with the joyful sound of busy skylarks, stonechats, and the first black cap I have seen this spring.

I don’t know much about the band and ‘Plum’ is their fifth album so there’s some catching up to do, but on this evidence Widowspeak specialise in that kind of layered, melancholic sound that hints at darkness while making you smile and feel lighter. I love it!

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