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Sleep No More

Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel in New York is a theatre experience that is both a multi-sensory treat and somewhat impossible describe, at least without ruining the effect for anyone who hasn’t yet had the pleasure.

There is no stage and almost no dialogue, dance being the primary medium of communication and six or seven floors of a large Manhattan hotel constituting the performance space. Audience members can get as close to the performers as is possible without actually touching and you are free to wander around at will, opening doors and drawers, examining correspondence and, in my case, answering telephones (the only sound on the other end was that of a woman sobbing).

It’s up to you how long your participation in the play lasts, from five minutes to four hours. There is a plot and the ten person cast are acting out a story in chronological sequence, but you are unlikely to experience it like that, as least not on first attendance.

Beyond that I can say no more, other than to advise accepting the champagne over the absinthe cocktail upon entrance, and making sure you leave time for a period dinner in the restaurant afterwards. Marvellous. I shall go back.

Sleep Alone is performed by the Punch Drunk company and is on at the McKittrick Hotel, 530 West 27th Street, Manhattan, New York.


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