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A nasty black eye had my poor Uncle Jim

My Mum and I have been promising each other we will do the family history for most of the last decade. Apps have been purchased, magazines subscribed to, even a few interviews undertaken, but the roots of the Watts/Collins family tree stubbornly refuse to extend further than the mid-nineteenth century. Thus, in an effort to stimulate greater endeavour, the markontour Matriach and I have agreed to write a monthly blog that is in some way stimulated by our geneological pursuits. Episode One starts with my Granddad singing from his armchair about a man who got a black eye from being hit with a tomato.

Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage

‘Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage’ compellingly interweaves the true stories of troubled teenagers in late 1990s Brigend, with hometown hero Gareth Thomas becoming the first rugby union star to come out as gay. Both stories are told matter of factly, but powerfully enough to stir plenty of emotion in the audience. And this being a National Theatre of Wales co-production (with Out of Joint), there is singing at the points when your hearts strings are being tugged most strongly.

Sleep No More

Sleep Alone at the McKittrick Hotel in New York is a theatre experience that is both a multi-sensory treat and somewhat impossible describe, at least without ruining the effect for anyone who hasn’t yet had the pleasure.