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Folk songs are on their way in

I have already used an excerpt from the sleeve notes to Woody Guthrie’s ‘Poor Boy’, but having just had the chance to experience at first hand what Woody was singing about when he reminded his compatriots that ‘This Land Is Your Land’, and because Guthrie’s words are so darn good, I have decided to reproduce the whole thing..

Love Vinyl – Record Store Day 2016

Record Store Day, the annual celebration of musical discs, has a big red star by it on the markontour calendar. So I bounced out of bed this morning and listened to Mary Anne Hobbs read out tweeted dispatches from the early morning queues outside Britain’s remaining vinyl emporiums, while compiling a wishlist of the special releases about to go on sale.

Artists and Empire

The best bit of the Tate Britain’s compelling ‘Artists and Empire’ exhibition comes right at the end, in the ‘Legacies of Empire’ room. Here, Hew Locke’s clever guerilla art sees him adorn a statue of Bristol’s founding father, Edward Colston, in cheap plastic gold trinkets, a modern equivalent of the tat that imperial traders exchanged for slaves. For, as Locke explains in an accompanying Restoration, Colston and Bristol’s wealth was built on human trafficking.