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Amanda Palmer and her Dad

“I’m exactly the person I wanted to be” sang Amanda Palmer as she strummed a battered ukelele, prior to be joined on stage by her Dad, Jack Palmer. By the end of their incredible, powerful, and moving show at Le Poisson Rouge in New York this week, the audience as one was thinking “and what an extraordinary person Amanda Palmer has grown up to be”. Markontour is going to be in music-tip debt for quite some time to the two friends who took me to this incredible gig.

Flowers at Hampton

I can’t quite believe that I am writing a blog about the Hampton Court Flower Show. This is not markontour’s natural territory. But having failed on the promise to learn how to salsa that was the mainstay of my 40th birthday present to Ms markontour, I felt compelled to follow through with sharing an Xmas present of tickets to the aforementioned floral festival. I have to admit, I rather enjoyed it.